Information for Podcasters

Metaphor is an intelligent podcast directory, search engine, recommendation service. We have indexed over 4,000,000 podcast feeds, which de-duplicates to about 2.5 specific podcasts. We currently list any podcasts which are in English, about 1.3 million podcasts total. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from podcasters:

Which podcasts are listed in Metaphor?

Metaphor has a smart podcast crawler that tries to index all podcasts available online. However, we do not list every single podcast in existence, because we are currently only analyzing English-language podcasts with our natural language processing tools. Further, in order to provide useful recommendations, a podcast must have at least three published episodes.

Why isn't my podcast listed in Metaphor?

Please fill out this form to submit your RSS feed to Metaphor.

You can also check the status of your podcast, including when it was last indexed and other statistics to see why your podcast is not listed.

Further, if you are a podcast host, we can work to set up an integration to allow your customers to automatically submit new podcasts to the Metaphor directory. Contact Jason by email to set this up.

Does Metaphor re-host my audio files or RSS feed?

No, Metaphor does not re-host any audio files or RSS feeds. The Metaphor podcast player links directly to your MP3, as listed in your RSS files, and podast listens on the Metaphor website will count towards your podcast statistics.

Further Questions?

Feel free to email Jason.